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Uzumaki Sushi Restaurant is a Japanese restaurant located on S.  California Ave. in Palo Alto, California, the heart of Silicon Valley. At Uzumaki Sushi, we strive to serve the most affordable and quality Japanese cuisine to the neighboring office customers, college students, and local Palo Alto residents. Upon entering Uzumaki Sushi Restaurant, one can feel the warm and welcoming ambience; customers are always greeted with a friendly "Kon'nichiwa!" こんにちは which means "Hello". Along with a calm and causal setting, our passion for Japanese dishes has been infinitely ignited. Recognized with first-class service and employees who truly care about your dining experience, Uzumaki Sushi is not to be passed up. This is the place where everyone feels like home and well-attended to.

Equipped with a sushi bar and a fully-functioning kitchen, we strive to continually update our menu and innovate new combinations of Japanese flavor. With a fusion of traditional Japanese cuisine and new modern flavors, Uzumaki posts their compilations of new dishes all over the restaurant beckoning people to try their own spin on traditional Japanese food. As with our vegetarian options, Uzumaki is here to accomodate everyone.  If any customers have allergens, we are more than happy to customize each order to accomodate their needs.

Let's talk service. We have it in spades. Our dedicated sushi chef and his crew are attentive and knowledgeable. When you dine with us, you're always in good hands.

Stop in the next time you're in the neighborhood and enjoy an old favorite. Or, discover a new one. Either way, we'll treat you to a dining experience that's unparalleled.

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